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Bet Pleasers to Access Potentially Huge Paydays With Small Wagers

What are sports betting pleasers, and how can you use them to turn a small wager into a possibly life-changing payout? You probably know what a teaser bet is. That is where you choose multiple spreads, totals or money lines, and tease the number in a direction which makes the wager much more attractive. When you bet pleasers, you access one of the most recent and exciting form of sports wagering. If you have ever placed a teaser, simply think of a pleaser as a teaser headed in the wrong direction. You are intentionally moving the line out of your favor. Before you think that may be crazy, let's take a look at exactly how and why you would bet pleasers on sports action online.

What if you log into your legitimate sportsbook account and notice that the Seattle Seahawks are favored by 3 points over the San Francisco 49ers in an NFL playoff game. But you truly believe that Seattle is going to blow the doors off of the Niners. You also believe that New England -4 is a very favorable bet since they are playing an injured Kansas City team. Then instead of teasing those bets in a two-teamer and getting reduced odds, why not please the line and increase your payout dramatically. You would have Seattle -10 and the Pats -11. A two team 7 point NFL football teaser will routinely deliver a 10 to 13 payout. That means a $100 bet would be required to win $76.92.

But a two team 7 point NFL football pleaser can deliver as much as 8 to 1 on that same $100 bet, or a profit of $800. Now you are beginning to see the power you control when you bet pleasers on sports action. Bear in mind that not all Internet sportsbooks offer this wager, and the number of teams you are allowed to choose may be limited. But when you can place a 4 point six team NBA pleaser for $10 that stands to pay out $1,000 in profit if all of your teams win, you can see why this is an attractive if extravagant bet.

As the smart sports gambler can already notice, if you find teams that are playing exceptionally better or worse than their money lines or spreads, you stand to gain a lot of money from a pleaser bet. On NBA action you generally see 4, 4.5 and 5 point multi-team pleasers offered on bets from two to six teams. And the NFL will usually have 6, 6.5, 7 and even sometimes 7.5 and 8 point pleaser bets offered by the recognized and legally licensed Internet sportsbooks that offer this suicide wager. Just remember, the parlay bet is often considered a sucker bet, and unless you do your research properly and only use pleasers occasionally, this type of wager is definitely dangerous as well.

And the top bookmakers online simply revert your pleaser to one less team if you suffer a push. In a four team pleaser where one of your bets ties, you are then playing a three-teamer. By taking small shots (meaning bets of $5, $10 or $20), you can access the incredible payouts offered by pleaser bets. Shop around at the legitimately licensed sportsbooks we recommend here, and find the best possible payouts. Grab your generous welcome bonus, do your homework, and perhaps pleaser sports betting will deliver a life-changing long shot payday with this little-known and seldom used sports wager.

Top Sportsbooks Offering The Best Pleaser Payouts And Odds

Sportsbook Name Pleaser Odds Bonus USA
Betonline Sportsbook Up To +10000 25% On Every Deposit Yes Up To +10000 25% On Every Deposit Yes

Example Of How To Bet Pleasers At Betonline

Here is an example of how to bet football pleasers at Betonline. If you notice in the image below, on the far right you will see the red arrow. This is where you select the player betting option when your making your selections.

Bet Pleasers At Betonline Sportsbook